Ready to Grab Ben's Million Dollar Webinar Formula?
Watch the Video Below to Learn about a Very Special Limited Opportunity
What You're Getting Inside:
  • Dr Ben's “Webinar Magician" Webinar Formula The formula that powers every webinar that Dr Ben does can now be yours. Complete with mind map and video walkthrough.
  • The Million Dollar Webinar Promotion Breakdown Inside Dr Ben will share with you the story of how he put together a million dollar promotion over 7 days on the back of a webinar (and how you can map the same process to sell a ton of whatever you’ve got)
  • Access to one of our Automated Webinar Files You’ll get a behind the scenes look at one of Dr Ben’s automated webinars that is currently selling a product on autopilot.
  • The "Dr Ben Webinar Email Sequence" Dr Ben will walk you through the thinking behind how he puts together a webinar email promotion to get people on a call and then turn around and close the promotion using a replay.
  • Replay Files of the Live Call and All Supplement Material (See Video above)
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