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Welcome to Fearless Email!
Dr Ben Adkins here and I'm Excited to see you.

First off, I'd like to thank you for investing in this training.
Inside you're going to learn the secrets to taking your email 
marketing to the next level. It doesn't matter if you're brand new
or if you've been using email to spread your message for 10+ 
years. I've partnered with world famous email marketer Chuck Mullaney
to bring you something that you can apply to make instant progress.

Fearless Email is Broken Into Sections:
Section 1: The Chuck Mullaney Method.
Section 2: The Dr Ben Method.
Section 3: The "Holy Shit Email Hacks".
Section 4: Subject Line Swipe File
Section 5: The Social Email Cheat Sheet

Each section will teach you something powerful. 
Make sure you watch ever video and read every word.
Each section contains tiny tips and tricks that have made
us a fortune over the last 10 years and I'm excited to share them
with you.

Enjoy the Ride and Welcome to Fearless Email,
-Dr Ben Adkins and Chuck Mullaney
Section 1: The Chuck Method
How Chuck Mullaney Does Email
Want to Write Emails Like Chuck Mullaney?
This is the guide that will show you the Philosophy and Tactics
that have made Chuck one of the most powerful email marketers
on the planet. 

Inside "The Chuck Method" you'll Learn:
Chapter 1: How to Get More Opens.
Chapter 2: How to get More Immediate Engagement in the Email.
Chapter 3: How To Create Long-Term Engagement with Subscribers.
Chapter 4: List Hygiene Secrets
Chapter 5: Chuck's Strict “To Do” List For Each and Every Broadcast

Click Below To Download the "Chuck Method" Now.
Section 2: The Dr Ben Method
AKA: The Followup Master Plan
Dr Ben Adkins has been one of the most prolific email marketers on the planet for several years running and he's able to do that by using some very clever (and highly reusable) templates. You can use the same templates he uses, and see why they work, inside his "Follow Up Master Plan" Course. 

Inside You'll Learn:

Chapter 1: The Facebook Niche Email Sequence
Chapter 2: The Offline Prospect Conversion Method
Chapter 3: The Stale List Reviver Sequence
Chapter 4: The Giveaway Bonding Template
Chapter 5: The Buyer’s Listing Breakout Sequence

Enjoy this powerful course that will help you convert more people into buyers.
Section 3: "Holy Shit Email Hacks"
Tweaks to Power Up Your List Fast
Ready to take your list to the next level? 
These tips and tweaks are for Advanced Users Only.
Handle with Care and Do Not Share these.
Section 4: "The Subject Line Swipe File"
Steal These and Use Them Daily
Want to know where Chuck and I get our Inspiration? You'll See it here.
Below is a list of places that we get ideas for Subject Lines as well as 
a few very cool email marketers that we follow too.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal "black book" of what Chuck and I actually use in our business. Even though many of these links are public and can be found, please do not share the combined resource.

Let's Dive In:

Resources that Chuck and I Follow:
These are some very great email marketers and organizations that Chuck and I highly recommend. Click the links below to check them out.

Ben Settle: A very smart email marketer with some of the more engaging emails you've ever read. If you're easily offended, don't go here. Ben is one of the most interesting email copywriters on the planet.

Copyblogger: An insanely great resource for all things content marketing related but especially interesting when applied to the world of email. This is a daily read for me.

Andre Chaperon: Developer of a course called Autoresponder Madness which is one of the only other courses I would ever recommend to a marketer looking to up their email game. This link goes to an interview with Andy that is very cool.

Email Subject Line Inspiration:
Want to get a great subject line fast? Visit these links for inspiration.
We use these links daily for inspiration.

"10 Sure Fire Headline Formulas that Work"
The "Eugene Schwartz Swipe File"
The Million Dollar List (a monster list of headlines that have killed it)

Story Inspiration:
A lot of our emails have stories built in to help get
the attention of our readers. These are some sites
that we use to get daily inspiration for "engaging stories".

Reddit: Today I Learned: Fun factoids that make great pattern interrupts. I read the headlines for inspiration and good openers.
National Enquirer: Some of the Best Story Writers on the Planet work here.
Reddit: Top: I Steal Stories and Headline ideas from here daily.

Section 5: "The Social Email Cheat Sheet"
How to Build a List in Any Niche Using Facebook.
Ready to build a mega list using the power of Social Media? Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced email marketer, this book will walk you through the keys to building a powerful email following using the power of Facebook.
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