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What's Inside the Immersion Course and Mastermind?
$499.95 Value
Part 1: How to Understand Your Audience Better Than Their Mom Does.
You'll Get our Full Audience Identifier Method. This will Allow you to Break Down your Target Customer Better than You Ever Have. With this you'll be able to understand exactly what problems your potential customers are trying to solve.

Armed with this information you'll get more people to optin to your sales funnel and sell more products to them faster.
$299.95 Value
Part 2: Finding Elite Leading Content
You'll Get a Behind the Scenes Look at how we find the best content on the planet to act as our "Authority Sponging" Bait. This will ensure that your Birdsong built Optin Goes Viral and People end up sharing it for you. (and... the content leads your potential customer into an eventual purchase)
$999.95 Value
Part 3: The Email Follow-Up Genius Template
I'm going to give you our Private Email Follow Up Formula that is responsible for Millions of Dollars in Generated Revenue over the last 2 years. 

I'll show you how to apply it to your product and start turning optins within the first week of running traffic to your Birdsong Generated Optin Page and Content.
$499.95 Value
Part 4: Where to Find the Best Things to Giveaway For Optins
I'll show you how to quickly understand what your potential customers will be hungry to give their email address for and where to find the content to giveaway to them for free.

You're going to be blown away by the resources we hand you that you can use to generate lead sucking optin bait.
$199.95 Value
Part 5: The Birdsong App "Directors Cut"
Not only will I go in Depth on the things you can do with the Birdsong App as it relates to Authority Sponging... I'll also walk you through some things that you won't believe you can do.

You're going to get the "Director's Cut" of this Amazing Software where we'll show you some other amazing things you can do to get targeted leads and convert them to sales with the App.
$999.95 Value
Part 6: The Facebook Ad Blueprint
One of the most powerful ways to use the Birdsong App is in conjunction with Facebook Ads. We'll walk you through how to use Facebook Ad like the Professionals do.

You'll Learn the Targeting and Ad Setup Secrets that Will Set you Apart from the Pack and that will take your "Authority Sponging" to the Next Level.
$499.95 Value
Part 7: The Local Marketing Business Domination Model
You can use the Authority Sponging Technique in a very interesting way if you're helping Local Businesses. We'll walk you through the exact technique that you can use to get local clients and help them get more business using the Birdsong App
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As a "Authority Sponging Master Plan" Member You're Also Getting:
$997/Year Value
Bonus #1: One Year Free Access to The Birdsong App
Birdsong Subscribers normally pay a steep monthly rate to use the software. As a Member of the "Authority Sponging Master Plan" you'll get free access to Birdsong for 1 year.

If you Decide to Keep using Birdsong, you'll be given a special price on renewal. ($399.95 per year instead of $997/year).
You're Under No Obligation to Continue Using Birdsong (but we know this will be your secret weapon for a long time). We also don't believe in surprises. You will be alerted to any Birdsong Subscription Bill at least 14 days before it happens if you don't cancel.
$499.95 Value
Bonus #2: Fearless Branding
With the Birdsong App you're optin pages will always look extremely professional. We want that to extend far past your use of the Birdsong App and that's why you're getting access to a Private Course called Fearless Branding. This is a step by step course that walks you through how to build Branding that can compete with Million Dollar Companies... On a Budget.
$99.95 Value
Bonus #3: Why Your Next 90 Days Matters (The Business Blueprint)
With the Authority Sponging Master Plan you're going to have a full on Plan to Get Traffic, Collect Leads, and Turn those leads into sales. 

With this special Bonus, we'll walk your through how to scale that business to 10k a month and then scale it further to 100k per month.
Want to Test The Birdsong App For Yourself?
Click on any Image Below to See Birdsong "Smart Links" in Action.
Birdsong using an article from
It will Take 10 Seconds for the Dropdown.
Birdsong using an article from
It will Take 10 Seconds for the Dropdown.
Birdsong using an article from
It will Take 10 Seconds for the Dropdown.
Buford Mobley
"In just one Week I got over 200 email optins and 5 sales of my product just by using the Birdsong App to Link to a Blog Post from my Facebook Page."
Get Started With Authority Sponging and Birdsong Today
Instant Birdsong App Account Access Following Payment
No Contracts Ever. 
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Watch Below to See How Easy it is To Get Started with Birdsong.
Watch How  To Setup a New 
Birdsong Link and Start Getting Results.
In about 3 minutes you can setup a new link inside of Birdsong and start getting all the benefits of powerful "curated content list building".With this special link, you can share content from almost anywhere and use it to build a targeted email list for your business. The Possibilities are Endless and people will Love you sharing because of all the Value you Add to their lives.

Are You Ready to Build your Business by Sharing Great Stuff?
Watch How to Customize your Profile Page as Birdsong Automatically Builds your Home Base Funnel Page as you Share Links.
Once you start sharing with Birdsong, the REAL MAGIC Starts to Happen as Birdsong builds your "Home Base Funnel" in the Background. This means that every thing that you share using Birdsong builds your personal profile site. This can be used to build your brand in every email you send, ever forum post you make, and a whole lot more.
Frequently Ask Questions About the Birdsong App:
What is Birdsong?
In Short... It's an App That allows you to Use Great Content to Build Your Own Authority and Put Interested Prospects into your Sales Funnel in an Genius Way.

Let's face it. We're all giant nerds and we all love certain topics with a Passion. 
Everyday we use the Internet to Read Blog Post and Watch Video Content that feeds that passion. Wouldn't it be nice if that could be used to build your business?

With Birdsong Every Article or Video you See can Now Help You Build Your Business.

It doesn't matter if you're into Crafting, Fantasy Football, Online Marketing, or anything in between...
You can now use content from just about any source to build your business by using Birdsong "Smart Links".

Oh... and did we mention Birdsong uses everything you share to build you a Personal Homepage that also works to build your Business 24/7? (it does)
What is a Birdsong "Smart Link"?
Instead of just sharing an article using the URL from the blog or website you got it from, you just input that URL into Birdsong and we create a special url that you can share instead (while it looks exactly like the Original Site to Social Sites when they display it). (Here is an Example of a Birdsong Smart URL)

That special Birdsong "Smart Link" will now allow you to display a powerful optin page right over the page you shared. You can build your email list with other people's content using Birdsong. This makes it easy to grow your email list by sharing content that your target market is interested in.
Which Autoresponders are Supported by Birdsong?
Birdsong uses a unique form code system so that you can use any autoresponder service which allows you to create your own optin forms. That means that Birdsong Supports all of the Major Autoresponders on the Market. 
Can I Use My Own Domain with Birdsong?
Yep. You can use an unlimited number of domains with the Birdsong App. Even Better... You won't need a degree in Computer Science to Setup the Domain inside of the Birdsong Software. It's easy and well documented. But... If you run into any trouble, the Birdsong Support Team is Standing By to Help.
What is Your Refund Policy?
You've got 30 Days to Use the System and Get Results. In that time the "Authority Sponging Master Plan" and Birdsong should have already paid for themselves. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, all you need to do is write our support team and we'll get you taken care of. We Want you Getting Results and, if you aren't getting them, we don't want your money. The only condition is that you submit your request within 30 days of your purchase.
Get Started With Authority Sponging and Birdsong Today
Instant Birdsong App Account Access Following Payment
No Contracts Ever. 
Cancel Your Subscription Anytime.
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