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Tired of Mediocre Product Sales Numbers and Lackluster Affiliate Promotions?
"The Bridge Page Blueprint"
 The Closely Guarded Secret to Creating Seductive Presell Pages That Take Your Promotions to 5 Figures and Beyond.
Never Has One Small Tweak Made Such a Huge Difference in Your Sales Numbers and Bottom Line.

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Ben Adkins

Online Marketing Expert

Monica Birdsong

Systems and Sofware Expert
What Will You Be Learning on this Private Webinar?
The Promo Pin Technique
Every Promo and Sale is effectively a launch. Most people have no idea how to effectively set up that promo and carry it out. I'll show you the exact step-by-step process on the calendar and how to 10x your sales with this method.

(Creating the Master Plan)
The Bonus Stacker Method
Everyone loves getting more for their money. The Bonus Stacker Method is all about making the bonuses you add to your product or promo actually mean something to your customer.
(this is a monster secret)

(Creating Deliverables)
The Bridge Page Blueprint
The formula we use on a weekly basis to create special little pages that help people buy more of your product. This special page template will help you setup "presell pages" that increase your bottom line on every promotion you do.

(Creating the Sales Copy)
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