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Hi! I'm Ben Adkins and I've been helping people build profitable online businesses since 2006. If you'd like to build a business to $10K/month without dealing with complicated membership sites or dealing with complex software...

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When you enroll and then attend this masterclass, I will break down, for you:
  • The key reasons most people fail to make $10K/month when building their own business (online, physical, or otherwise) - (slides 13-16)
  •  How to go out and make money today without having to set up a ton of stuff (slide 13)
  •  Why most people take the hard road to build their business, and how you can take the easy path instead (slide 4).
  •  A step-by-step checklist to create your first recurring revenue streams and prove that our system works (slide 11)
  •   Why most digital businesses fail before they start, and how to “flip-the-script” and solve the problems before they start (slide 12)
  •   How to learn a skill in less than an hour and then use that skill to build a recurring revenue stream that same day. (slide 14)
  • How to build your $10K/month business without having any up-front investments (slide 14)
  •   How to build your recurring revenue business without doing all the normal things like buying traffic, joint ventures, or affiliates. (slide 14)
  •   The simple, yet surprising, way to be the best business in your niche almost immediately (slide 21)
  •   How to turn “Google Slaps” and algorithm changes into income opportunities instead of income headaches. (slide 22)
  • The business model framework that is the quickest path to a recurring $10K revenue (slide 18)
  •  How to become cashflow positive in your first week without sales letters, a website, or even a business card (slide 51)
  •  The secret scaling process you need to follow if you want to go from $0 to 7-Figures (slide 25)
  •  The commonly taught model you want to avoid at all costs if you’re going to get to revenue quickly - knowing when to implement this model makes all the difference. (slide 28)
  •  The simple formula you must follow for picking the right product mix in your business (get this wrong and you’ll never be able to scale). (slide 29)
  •  Copy and paste exactly what we are selling (don’t worry you can’t saturate the market). (slide 32)
  •   A secret of persuasive psychology that makes this whole process work, hint: it’s called the FB Page Close Advantage. (slide 37)
  • How to easily deliver everything you sell in your business so you can scale rapidly. (slide 41)
  •  The simple math formula you should have written on the walls of your office that will allow you to scale to $10K/month and beyond (slide 46)
  •  The surprisingly simple process for creating products that practically sell themselves (slide 42)
  •   How to target the perfect audience who will ALWAYS want to buy your products (slide 49)
  •  Steal our list of the most profitable niches for this business model - and don’t worry everyone knowing about them won’t diminish their power or profitability. (slide 50)
  •  The surprising way that donuts (yes donuts - the round sugary pastry) can unlock the business you’ve always dreamed you’d have (slide 51)
Whether you are just starting your online business career or have been building your businesses for years...

And you’re trying to figure out what you should be doing and in what order to get into the online income generation game...

I will show you exactly what to do step-by-step in the "10k/Month Social Posts"  Masterclass.
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