The Simple 2 Page Funnel I Use to Get Leads For Small Businesses Every Single Day using a $5 FB Ad.
...and how I get paid monthly to do it.
In the video above I show you how I drive leads to Local Gyms. 
(I use this same funnel template in almost every local niche I serve and I charge a monthly fee to run these funnels)
Get My Done-For-You
"Jaw Dropping Offer" Funnels Right Now
...and start getting paid monthly to drive leads to Local Businesses with Facebook.
I've Done All the Hard Work Building, Tweaking, and Testing these Offers and Funnels.
(You Can Skip all That Work and Jump Straight to Getting Results)
Inside of this Special Package You're Getting:
My Chiropractic
Lead Gen Funnel
My Restaurant
Lead Gen Funnel
My Real Estate
Lead Gen Funnel
My Home Services
Lead Gen Funnel
My Hair Salon
Lead Gen Funnel
My Fitness Center
Lead Gen Funnel
My Plastic Surgeon
Lead Gen Funnel
My Dental
Lead Gen Funnel
Each Done-For-You Funnel Package Includes:
  • My Proven "Jaw Dropping Offers" List:
    It took me years to test and track down the types of offers that get leads to optin and immediately call a business. You won't have to suffer through that same process. I am giving you the exact offers that we run for local business to make potential leads do a "double-take" and then pick up the phone. These are our proven-to-convert offers and you're getting the top offer for each of the 8 niches we listed above.

  • The Exact Funnel Pages and Setup
    I'm also going to show you the exact pages that we use. No guessing. You're getting a full behind the scenes look at the exact campaigns that we run for the businesses that we serve. Just copy it for your clients and start running traffic to these pages.

  •  The Done For You Facebook Ad Creatives
    You're getting the exact ads that we use to drive traffic to the optin pages. You won't have to guess at how we're getting people to click. Just use the proven to convert ads to drive leads to your "Jaw Dropping Offer" Funnels.

  •  The Done For You Facebook Ad Targeting
    I won't leave you guessing on the audiences that you should be targeting with these ads and funnels. I'm going to hook you up with the exact Facebook targeting that we use to drive laser targeted leads to our pages. This is the secret to why this works so well for our clients.

  •  The "Jaw Dropping Offer" Method Walkthrough
    I'm going to make sure that you also understand how everything that we included in the Done For You Package works together. My team is going to walk you through the methodology behind how everything you're getting works so that you can understand exactly why it works and sell it effectively to a client.
  • The Tech Made Easy Walkthrough
    Last but certainly not least. I want to show you exactly how we setup the funnels so that we can instantly send a new optin a reminder text and email sequence. I'll also show you how we make sure that each lead calls your clients through a call tracking number (so you can track everything). You're going to be blown away by how easy it all is to setup (even if you suck at tech setup like I do).

But Wait...
If you buy Before Sunday, November 27th at 11:59PM EST I'm Also Including:
Bonus #1: 
My "First 5 Local Clients" Method
When you invest in the main program you're getting the Done For You Funnels to go help Local Businesses. In this very special bonus, we're going to show you the powerful formula that I use to go get businesses to sign up with you fast.

Anytime that I start marketing my services in a new area, I use this technique to get my first few clients to take a chance on me. 

I'll show you the full roadmap of how I get 5-10 new clients in 30 days every single time I use the "First 5 Technique".
Bonus #2:
My Foolproof Local Agency Facebook Ad Method
When you invest in the main program you're getting access to our Done For You Facebook Ad Campaigns along with the funnels... but what if you want to know the Method behind how we setup our ads in the first place?

You're about to get the secret behind all of the Done For You Funnels.

In this very special program, you're getting a behind-the-scenes walk through of our simple 3 part formula for creating profitable Facebook ads that will attract quality leads for local clients. 

This is our Go-To formula for creating a perfect traffic ad for getting leads for your Local clients (and the root formula that we used to setup all the ads in the "Jaw Dropping Funnels" Done For You Program)
My Guarantee to You.
(and Your Local Business Clients)
If you can't use this program to go out and get your next Local Marketing client in the next 30-60 days and get them results, I'll give you double your investment in the program back. It works... You just have to follow the system and put in the work. If you put in the work and can't close at least one client in the next 30-60 days, my team will give you a refund... period. Also... If you can't get your client/s results using what's inside, just request a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

P.S. Just in case you have questions, you can contact my team here anytime. They know this system and would be glad to answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How Are the Done-For-You Funnels Delivered?
We give you a few options:
1) We give you the example URLs so that you can use any page builder that you might be using.
2) We give you Clickfunnels Share URLs so you can instantly import them into your account.
3) We show you a service that we use that builds everything for you (and its only $20/month).  This service also automatically does all the call tracking, text/sms followups, and email followups for you and your client.
What If I've Never Used Facebook Ads Before?
Don't Worry. Most of the folks we've trained were Facebook Novices when they started. We're really good at making the Faecbook Ad Part super easy. And if that wasn't enough, our support team is extremely Facebook Ad Savvy and is standing by for any questions you might have after you go through the program.
Are These Funnels Really Tested and Proven?
Yes. These funnels have been used in hundreds of businesses across the world to drive leads and paying customers. You are not testing these. You are getting proven converters that you can use to help local businesses starting tomorrow (and get paid a nice monthly fee to do it).
What if I don't have any Clients yet?
No Worries. We all have to start somewhere.
That's why I included the "First 5 Clients" Bonus. This is the technique that has launched hundreds of local agencies and the technique that we use to get our first 5-10 clients in any new territory that we move into (and it works in 30 days).
Why in the World would you Share Something that Works so Well?
I started out as a Chiropractor that needed help getting people through the door. I have never forgotten what it was like to struggle and how much I would have paid to get this kind of help. As a Local Consultant and Agency Owner, I can't help everyone. The person that referred you to this page asked me to give you everything... and I did. We're doing this because there is plenty of business to go around and I believe it is our duty to help as many local businesses as possible (and since we can't serve them all ourselves, it makes sense to give a small group our tools). 

And yes... We do make a little money in the process when you decide to invest. But considering the time, money, and headaches we're about to save you and your clients, we're okay with that.
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