Coming Monday March 20 @ 11am EST thru Thurs March 23 @ 11:59pm EST
Your Buyers Will Make More Money From Their Email List With A Special Email Sequence To Promote Their Offers...
While You Get Up To $150 Upfront AND $50 Monthly Recurring Commissions Per Buyer Plus Your Share Of $5,000+ In Prizes
4 Day Power Launch | Proven Conversions | High Value | Results-Driven Course and Upsells

The 4 Day List Breakthrough Launch Starts in: 
Sam Cart is our primary Affiliate Program
In order to pay you out quickly and to use PayPal as a payment provider, we will be working with our friends over at Sam Cart. Sam Cart has an excellent reporting system to help track your sales.

Click the button at the right to sign up to promote. If you have already signed up to promote, click here to login to Sam Cart Affiliate Portal. Make sure you fill out your Tax Information.  If we have not received your Tax information, we cannot pay your commissions. Click the button to the right to fill out your Tax Information.

Use the "List Breakthrough Sales Page" Link to Promote when we go live.
Who Is Ben Adkins AND WHAT IS List Breakthrough?
Ben Adkins has run multiple successful online email sequences in the past 5 years. He specializes in building recurring revenue online and has built a proven model to do it (while still having a life outside of the internet).

Inside of List Breakthrough, Ben will walk your customers through the ins and outs of creating a successful email sequence.  List Breakthrough works in any niche and works for digital and physical products and services. We’ve tested it in dozens of different ways and with our own products and affiliate promotions.


When Promoting... Create a personalized bonus package for the Advanced Option below. You'll see a big clickthrough, and those that don't take you up on it will still take you up on the base package because of the value inside.
What's Inside List Breakthrough
We give your buyers two different versions to choose from, Basic and Advanced. We have found that offering the two as a choice on the same sales page results in higher sales, which means higher commissions for you. 
  • The Full 8 Part List Breakthrough System.
  • “The Oh Crap Tutorial” Email.
  • “Problem in the Flesh” Email.
  • “Solution Next Door” Email.
  • “Open Cart Stampede” Email.
  • “One More Thing" Email.
  • The Waterfall Close Sequence.
  • How to Combine all the Emails to Create a Monster Promo.
  • The Psychology behind Getting Your List to React.
  • You get everything from the Basic Package.
  • The “If You Only” Close
  • The “Two Paths” Close
  • The “Pillow” Close
  • The “Mark Your Calendar” Close
  • The “Puppy” Close
  • The “Guarantee Escalation” Close
  • The “Keep the Bonuses” Close
  • The “Walk With Me” Close
  • The “Close Your Eyes” Close
  • The “Real Life Story” Close
  • The “Unreal Excuses” Close
  • The Affiliate Master Sequence Explained
  • How To Create Bonus Packages that Sell
  • How to Create Webinars the Magnify Your Affiliate Campaigns (The Evil Webinar Magician)
  • The Audience Finder Master Class
  • How to Build an Email List From Scratch to Promote Affiliate Offers to.
  • How to Find the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote and make income with.
  • The On the Fly Product Creation Genius Tutorial
  • The "Make Your First Affiliate Sale" Walkthrough
1st Place
Hit 125 FE sales: 1st Prize bumps to $1,500!
Hit 150 FE sales: 1st Prize bumps to $2,000!
2nd Place
Hit 75 FE sales: 2nd Prize bumps to $800!
Hit 100 FE sales: 2nd Prize bumps to $1,000!
3rd Place
Hit 50 FE Sales: Prize bumps to $525!
Hit 65 FE Sales: Prize bumps to $600!
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
Day 1 Top Sales
Day 2 Top Sales
Day 3 Top Sales
Day 4 Top Sales
Leaderboard position determined by number of unit sales through all platform funnels from 11am EST Feb 20 through 11:59pm EST Feb 23. Ties will be broken by highest total gross sales getting the higher prize.
email swipes
Mail Date March 18th @ 11am ET
Mail Date March 19th @ 4 pm ET
Mail Date March 20th @ 11am ET
Mail Date March 21st @ 11am ET
Mail Date March 22nd@ 11am ET
Mail March 23rd @ 5pm ET
Three Steps To Bigger Commissions
Step 1: Prelaunch
Always take advantage of prelaunch mailings, social media posts, etc. Warming up your tribe, building up the anticipation, can increase your sales in multiples.

Remember, there will be multiple affiliates on this promotion, not just you. The earlier you can get in there and associate your name with this promotion, the better your chance of landing the sale.

It also gives you a chance to introduce your prime differentiation from the other affiliates who are running the same promotion...
Step 2: Bonuses
Put together a unique bonus that will appeal to your buyers, targeted specifically to this deal. Ideas include a private webinar where you share a twist you've come up with... an email sequence you've had success with in the past... a collection of your best email subject lines... You get the idea.

MAJOR PRO TIP: Most affiliates offer a bonus for buying the front end product. You should offer multiple bonuses, increasing in value, one for each step in the funnel. You make bigger commissions from upsells, right? Give your buyers additional incentive to grab them! This can be a huge EPC booster.

Step 3: Followthru
Many affiliates will "spray and pray," sending out a single email at the start of a launch. If it succeeds, then they mail more. Otherwise, they jump to the next deal.

Successful affiliates know that while some people buy immediately, many others require multiple messages before they'll buy. They need that one perspective shift that shows them they need (more important, want) this offer. Finally, others need that burst of final scarcity to push them into buying.

Successful affiliates plan, schedule, and execute an entire mailing campaign across the full term of the promotion.
Need Help or Have Questions?
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Contact Us Anytime for Assistance
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If Your Customers Need Support After They Purchase, Send Them To Our Help Desk:
List Breakthrough faq
Question #1
Is there a sales page for List Breakthrough?

SamCart Sales Page Previews
JVZoo/WarriorPlus Sales Page Previews

Question #2
When will we get paid?

We pay commissions out SamCart-generated commissions 35 days after the sale date. JVZoo and WarriorPlus commissions will either be paid immediately (if accepted as an instant pay affiliate) or after a refund period not to exceed 60 days (if accepted as a delayed pay affiliate).

NOTE: We can not pay any Samcart-generated commissions if your Tax forms have not been submitted. If you have not submitted your forms please click here

Question #3
How will we receive payment?

Payments are sent via Paypal. If promoting via SamCart, please ensure your SamCart profile provides a current Paypal email address to avoid any delay in receiving your commission.

Question #4 
Are there any exclusion to who we can sell our product to?

Affiliates do not earn commissions for sales to themselves, immediate family members or business partners. The way we check is to go through each affiliates sales one by one before we pay commissions. Failure to comply will result in removal from our affiliate bank.

Question #5
Where do we track our sales?

We use SamCart as a way to track, process and pay all affiliate promotions. Click here to see a short video of how to view your sales. On this launch, we are also using JVZoo and WarriorPlus. If you promote via one of those two platforms, you will use their affiliate dashboard to track your sales and commissions.

Question #6
Can I receive a review copy?

We would be happy to provide review access to qualified affiliates. Please include some details about your experience and how you will promote in a support ticket. Click Here to submit your information. 


Affiliate Terms and Conditions
  • Breaking any of the following rules will result in your affiliate account being disapproved and the forefeit of any and all outstanding commissions.
  • You must comply with all federal, state, and local affiliate marketing guidelines.
  • You may not market our products and services using spam (email that is unsolicited in ANY way), junk traffic, safe lists, or solo ads.
  • Cash rebates, gift cards, or any sort of kickbacks may not be used to incentivize purchases through your link.
  • Our products and services may not be misrepresented in any way.You may not promote our products and services using review videos or writeups that are negative towards competing products.
  • You may not use negative words such as (but not limited to) "scam" in your promotions.
  • You may not use cookie stuffing or any other illicit cookie tricks.
  • If you are unsure whether or not a promotion will be compliant, please contact the launch manager for approval BEFORE you run it!
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